Microsoft Stands Up To Google’s Password Manager With New Microsoft


Microsoft includes password autocomplete features with its Microsoft Authenticator app. They can even be used in Google Chrome.

Password managers are great applications to reinforce the security of our online accounts without forgetting any password and being able to log in quickly. Google already offers these services to which Microsoft is now joining to compete with the internet giant.

The Microsoft Authenticator app receives a major update to offer these new features. You can auto-complete the forms to log in, avoiding the tedious step of handwriting passwords. This system can be used from various browsers.

Until now, this Microsoft app has stood out for serving as two-step authentication. the inclusion of autocomplete and password management announced by the company places this app at the same level as the service offered by Google.

The change opens up many possibilities for all Microsoft customers who work with the company’s tools. The Office ecosystem will no longer depend on other managers to have these facilities when logging in or organizing and storing all passwords and personal data.

In addition to Microsoft’s Edge browser, the autocomplete will also be available in Google Chrome, through a new Chrome extension . Of course, it can be used in services like Outlook, Hotmail, and other Redmond products.

The feature is still in preview, but can be accessed from the latest full version of the Authenticator app on iOS or Android. Within the application, in Settings> Beta <Autocomplete , you can activate the function to enable the Passwords tab.

To enable autocomplete on your mobile , look in the settings “Autocomplete passwords” on iPhone or “Autocomplete” on Android, then look for the “Authenticator” section and change the service to Microsoft.


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