Netflix Is ​​Going To Launch Perfect Update For Us


If we did a survey, almost all of the participants would answer yes to the question, do you watch Netflix while using your mobile? And it is the most common to have a series, film or documentary in the background while we chat on WhatsApp, watch Stories on Instagram or take pictures of the cat.

The attention span of the current generation is at a minimum and is not a criticism, it is a reality. This is why we believe that Netflix is ​​about to launch the best feature of all. What Netflix is ​​going to do is give the option “audio only” and delete the video.

In this way, we can follow the content while we read, use the mobile or tablet, cook, clean, play sports, etc. This new feature is being released for Android users . The update will gradually reach the whole world and when we have it we can choose between watching normal Netflix, that is, with video on, headphones or external speakers mode and video off.

Now there are doubts about whether it will be available for all the contents or only for some that can be followed only by audio in the purest style of a podcast. Another question is whether it will play in the background when it is in audio-only mode , since if this function arrives for mobile phones it would be interesting if it would allow us to continue using the mobile.

It is a feature that was already rumored several months ago and that certainly has many uses, for example, experts recommend turning off the screens for a while before going to sleep.

By having only the audio mode activated, we can follow the content’s plot without damaging our eyesight by blue light , without having bad feelings when watching certain scenes, reducing energy and mobile data consumption, using it as a podcast, for example, the David Letterman interviews .


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