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CSIC Masks For Going Back To School

ByRoger Fisher

Aug 30, 2021

On the starting straight for ‘back to school’, the Ministry of Health and the regional authorities are completing the guide on what the return to the classroom will be like even with the coronavirus present. A situation that leaves the total security that masks will continue to be seen in the patios and classes, so the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has expanded its catalog of protections . With up to three for children, these change their characteristics and price according to age.

All manufactured in Spain , as the institution has used to since it took out the first masks to improve the protection of the general population, the CSIC has returned this time to the charge in favor of children and the reunion with their friends and teachers.

A situation that the 2020/2021 academic year was saved with solvency and for which all authorities want to repeat or even improve success this time. For this reason, the CSIC hygienic and FFP2 masks are vital, which have different models divided between 6 to 9 years, 9 to 12 years and those over 13 years old.

Mask from 6 to 9 years
Hygienic with viricidal filter, the mask for the smallest of the house has a bacterial filtration of 98% as well as a 90% anti-aerosol. With a useful life of up to 8 hours , continuous or interrupted, it can be disinfected with 70% alcohol sprays between use and use.

Among its main characteristic is that it does not have a nose clip, so it does not fit as well as an adult one, but it is explained by the safety before children. Its measurements are 8.5 x 13.5 centimeters and explain its category of hygienic and non-surgical since this is indicated by the European regulations to which it is accepted.

Mask from 9 to 12 years
It is also hygienic with a viricidal filter , as the continental authorities point out, it has the same characteristics as the previous one. However, the main difference is in its size, 9 x 14 centimeters , as well as the fact that it does have a nose clip since it is understood that it is no longer dangerous for children from nine years of age.

Mask for people over 13 years old
Finally, for older children , the CSIC has a much more developed mask that already presents the full characteristics of an adult except for its size. Of size S , has a useful life of 16 hours , 98.9% protects against aerosols and 98% or higher against bacteria even two hours after contact.

Disinfectable like the previous ones, this mask has been designed for physiognomies with a small percentile, to optimize the correct coverage and fit of the mask to users. In addition, it carries nanofiber technology that allows even greater security.

Prices and where to buy them
As is customary at CSIS, all of its masks can be purchased from the official website of Proveil , the institution’s natural supplier for this type of protection.

For their part, these masks can only be purchased in lots of ten units, although with a different price depending on the model. Thus, while those from 6 to 9 years old and those from 9 to 12 years old cost 19.9 euros , those manufactured for those over 13 years old are for 18 euros .

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